Jodhpur Motocross Track

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Address and Directions:
Nearest City: Anchorage, AK. Address: Jodhpur Street, Anchorage, AK 99502

From Anchorage, AK 1) Take SR-1 to Diamond Blvd exit 2) Turn left (west) off the exit ramp on Diamond Blvd., continue 5.4 miles 3) Track entrance is on the left.


Alternate Names: Kincaid Park, Kincaid MX

This trail is more commonly used in the winter by snowmobiles and sleds, but is open in the summer to all motorized vehicles under 1,500 lbs. The trail heads east along the Duncan Creek drainage toward the White Mountains National Recreation Area, climbing gently for the first ten miles, then more steeply for the next three.

Contact Info:
Alaska Division of Tourism2600 Cordova Street, Ste. 201Anchorage, AK

Status: Open

Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 10am-8:30pm

Entry Cost: $0.00

Type of Area: Dunes

Type of Land: City land, municipality of anchorage

Permit Required: No

Spark Arrestor Required: No

Noise Limit: No

Whip Flags Required: Not required

Parking: $0.00

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