Offroad Parks and Recreational Areas

Name Alternate Names Schedule Status
Default Superlift ORV Park Hot Springs ORV Park Thursday through Monday 9am-dusk Open
Default Rock Front OHV Area Rockfront OHV Area, Buckhorn Ridge, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Ranger District, Gypsum Canyon, Logan Ridge, Brown Mountain, Quail Springs, Twin Rocks, Buck Spring, Cable Corral Road, Los Machos Hills, Rock Front Ranch OHV Area, Baja... Year-Round Open
Default Hillarosa ATV Park Hillarosa ATV Park, Arkansas Open during select weekends, check website. Open
Default Glade Run Recreation Area Chokecherry Canyon, Farmington Field Office, Brown Spring Year-Round Open
Default Smith Mountain Trail Cherokee National Forest, Coker Creek Zone, Kirkland Gap, West Fork Wolf Creek, Smith Mountain Trail #69 Year-Round Open
Default Moose Walk And Moose Run ATV Trails Finland State Forest, Superoir National Forest, Sawtooth Mountains, North Shore State Trail, Red Dot ATV Trail May 15 - November 30 Open
Default Cedro Peak Sandia Ranger District, East Mountains, Cibola National Forest, Chamisoso Canyon, Cedro Canyon, Primera Agua Canyon, Tunnel Canyon, Otero Canyon, Sandia Mountains, Manzanita Mountains Year-Round Open
Default Montessa OHV Park South Valley, Tijeras Arroyo Daily dawn to dusk Open
Default Buckman MX Track Old Buckman MX Track, La Tierra Trails, Arroyo de Los Frijoles Friday through Sunday 8am-dusk Open
Default Red Sands OHV Area Redsands Year-Round Open
Default Sandia Motocross Park Sandia Motocross Sunday 10am-4pm Open
Default Rio Puerco Rio Puerco River, Wash Trail, Ridge Trail, Dune Trail, Windmill Hill, Snoopy Rock, Moon Rocks, Crystal Hill, Choke Point, The Gauntlet Closed Open
Default Aztec Motocross Track Aztec Motocross Track, New Mexico Year-Round Open
Default Underground MX Underground MX, Texas check website for practice and race schedule Open
Default Village Creek Motocross Village Creek Motocross, Texas Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday Open
Default Cambridge MX Cambridge MX, Minnesota open during select dates, check website Open
Default Gatorback Cycle Park Gatorback Cycle Park, Florida open during select dates Open
Default The Walters Ranch Brushy Creek, Sam Allen Hollow, Ozark Mountains call for schedule Unkown
Default Clear Creek OHV Trails Blackwater River State Forest, Big Coldwater Creek, Santa Rosa County, Whiting Field OHV Friday through Sunday 8am-5pm Unkown
Default Phelps Farm Offroad Smith Mountain Lake daily dawn to dusk Unkown