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$ 35 /year

Blue Featured Banner in Listings

Bold Search Results

Double the Listing Size

Appear In Featured Section

Priority Updates



$ 99 /Year

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Full Webpage

Top Of Seach Results

Increased Web Presence

12 Pictures

3 Videos



$ 60 /year

Gold Featured Banner in Listings

4 Pictures

Map and Weather

Increased Information Provided

Basic Webpage


Frequently asked questions

What do sponsors get?

Your company gets listed on our homepage and on applicable pages within our site. Visitors to will have more exposure to your brand and can click to directly access your website. Sponsorships over a certain amount will also have their logos included on our promotional media, banners, and more!

How long are your contracts?

To make it as easy as possible you only pay in annual incriments. You are welcome to pay for as many years as you want.

How do I sign Up?

Please purchase on the site and we will get you setup in a timely manner. Depending on the package purchased we will may need to collect information from you including pictures, videos, etc. to get your webpage set up. Please email or call us with any questions and we will be happy help.

Why should I choose the Pro Package?

The Pro package is the best way to increase your web presence quickly and easily. It is a great way for your organization to have a website if you haven't already been able to make one. Going Pro provides more information to users, increases search result prresence and the possibility of someone doing business with your organization.